Follow This Blueprint to Build Your Personal Brand with Andrea Petrut | Evolution of Brand EP118

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Episode 118 Quick Summary

In Episode 118 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with Andrea Petrut for an in-depth conversation about how she built her personal brand. Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover when Andrea realized she was a personal brand and needed to emphasize it, the steps she took to elevate her branding message and put herself on the map, and the power of strengthening and transforming relationships both personal and professional. Jason and Andrea also discuss their mutual contributions to the new best-selling PodMatch Guest Mastery book and how podcast guesting can play a significant role in the growth of your personal brand.

The Goods From Andrea Petrut

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Having healthy relationships in your life starts with you. You need to determine which relationships you’re going to have in your world and which ones you’re going to release. Communicating boundaries is nothing selfish…it’s an important part of self love that will strengthen all relationships you have
  • In most cases, your ideal client will be a mirror of yourself. You built your product, service, etc based off a problem you faced and you wanted to bring the solution to the world. Now, you need to find the people who are looking for the same answers
  • Three reasons why we don’t ask for help and, ultimately, slow down our progress because we don’t seek help from those who know more than us, are fear, lack of trust, and ego

What You’ll Discover In Episode 118 of Evolution of Brand

  • Andrea shares who she is and what she does
  • How to have healthy relationships and transform some of the existing relationships you already have
  • When Andrea realized she was a personal brand and what she did to pivot and put emphasis on building it
  • A brief look at personal brand archetypes that helped Andrea shape her brand-building path
  • The importance of finding your ideal client and building your brand to serve that client
  • Why you can’t let “highlight reels” posted on social media stop you from taking action
  • Obstacles Andrea faced building her personal brand and how you can use her wisdom to either avoid or overcome those obstacles more easily
  • Why fear, lack of trust, and ego prevent us from seeking help when we need it, thus slowing down our progress
  • What Andrea recommends as “Step One” in building your personal brand from the ground up
  • A look at the Podcast Guest Mastery book that Andrea and Jason both contributed to
  • How podcast guesting helps your brand stand out and plays a large role in your personal brand development

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