The Framework That’s Changing the Game In Brand Storytelling with Park Howell | Evolution of Brand EP134

The Audi Commercial Park Referenced – Storytelling At Its Best!

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Episode 134 Quick Summary

In Episode 134 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with author and brand storytelling extraordinaire Park Howell. Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover the impact storytelling has had in the branding and advertising space, why brands that haven’t adapted powerful storytelling techniques are losing ground to those that have, and an in-depth look at, without question, one of the most effective storytelling frameworks that will absolutely change how you communicate with your audience, clients, and community.

The Goods From Park Howell

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  • Download a free copy of The Narrative Gym For Business | Get your copy here

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • “You’re never too old to learn, you’re never too old to make major mistakes, and you’re never too old to just go for it because it’s amazing what can come of it”
  • You always want to tell your stories from the perspectives of your audience
  • The And, But, Therefore method (ABT) is the DNA of story. If you can get this basic framework down, all of your storytelling will come together. ABT uses the three forces of story: agreement, contradiction, and consequence

What You’ll Discover In Episode 134 of Evolution of Brand

  • An inside look at how Park’s brand has evolved over the years
  • Brands that have transitioned to storytelling and it made all the difference for them
  • Was there a pivotal moment that brought brand storytelling to prominence as opposed to traditional forms of advertising?
  • Where brands are falling short with storytelling
  • An in-depth look at the ABT storytelling framework
  • Park and Jason build an ABT framework for Evolution of Brand
  • How to find the one word that will serve as the lynchpin for all your storytelling efforts
  • In the 3-second culture we live in, how to create impact with short stories 

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