“There’s Never a Good Excuse to Not Get Started”

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Episode 164 Quick Summary

In Episode 164 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with Laura Stewart, the world’s foremost authority on personal branding in the real estate industry. Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover how Laura leverages her personal brand in the real estate space and helps other agents do the same, specific pieces of content to focus on when you’re looking to elevate your brand’s visibility, and the best way to leverage social media and content for impact without over extending yourself.

The Goods From Laura Stewart

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • One of the most important aspects of leveraging social media to build your personal brand is being in front of people on a consistent basis. They see your face every day and when they do, it keeps you front of mind when they’re looking to make a buying decision in your field of expertise
  • Your content strategy, regardless of what it is, requires CONSISTENT EFFORT. You can’t try something for a couple months and say it doesn’t work. You need to pour ample time (well over a year) into a platform on a consistent basis before you can make claims that it “doesn’t work for you”
  • The excuses you may have for not posting on social media, starting a podcast, building a brand, whatever it may be…they may stem from some deep-seated issues you don’t even realize are present. You need to make your initiatives a priority so you follow through with consistency. As the title of this episode states, “there’s never a good excuse for not getting started”

What You’ll Discover In Episode 164 of Evolution of Brand

  • Does education get overvalued AND undervalued in today’s world?
  • Laura shares how her brand has evolved over the years
  • How Laura has leveraged personal branding in the real estate industry and how she teaches other agents to do it better
  • The role social media plays in building your personal brand
  • Why showcasing your expertise about your industry is not giving away trade secrets
  • How much consistent time you need to put into making a content strategy work
  • Why you can’t try to eat the elephant in one bite
  • Where do the excuses that prevent you from taking action stem from?
  • How to best manage your social media posting strategies without overwhelming yourself
  • Laura’s recommended first step for emphasizing your personal brand



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