POD THEORY: Episode 133 – “My Podcast Has Been Live For a Month. Why Aren’t I Famous Yet?!”

Throughout Season 2 of Pod Theory, we’ve talked about various myths and misconceptions that plague podcasters in their attempts to bring the very best podcast content to life. At the same time, we’ve shared some tips, strategies, and advice for overcoming said myths and misconceptions and pointed you towards aspects that will truly drive the success of your production.

Episode 133 is no different, because there are many people who start a podcast and expect fame to fall at their feet. SPOILER ALERT: That’s not going to happen. People aren’t going to just show up and listen to your podcast because you started one. You have to earn your audience’s attention through consistent effort, focus on their listener experience, and valuable content that not only keeps them coming back for more, but gets them recommending your podcast to others.

Today, Travis Brown and I will drop the hammer on the myth that podcasting leads to quick, instant fame. As we’ve spoke about earlier in Season 2, if you’re looking for a get-rich-quick play, podcasting is definitely not the medium you want to explore.

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