This Week On Pod Theory | Episode 96-100

This Week On Pod Theory, we hit 100 episodes! Topics on the table this week include how to grow your podcast without investing a ton of money on advertisements, the type of content you should feature on your brand podcast and what you should leave out, some easy ways to make your best podcast, some pros and cons for releasing your podcast content in season format, and the first installment of Pod Theory Q&A. You can check out all five episodes below or find Pod Theory wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. Press play now!

Episode 96: How to Grow Your Podcast Without Spending a Dime On Ads

With sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In changing their algorithms on a constant basis, it can be hard to gain traction from an organic standpoint when using these platforms to build your podcast audience. It’s practically a necessity to implement a paid advertising strategy to maximize value on these networks.

That said, there are also ways to grow your podcast without investing a lot of money. Depending on your budget, you’ll want to find the best approaches that help your brand podcast move forward. And while one approach may work better for one brand than the next, there are some time-tested practices that you can implement today that will elevate your initiatives, no matter where your efforts currently stand.

On Episode 96 of Pod Theory, I’m going to discuss how you can grow your podcast without spending a dime on ads. When executed consistently and effectively, these strategies serve as sound approaches to growth without investing money in advertisements.

Episode 97: What Content Should Your Brand Podcast Feature and What Should Be Left Out?

A brand podcast is a very strong way to amplify your brand message, reach your audience in a dynamic, innovative way, establish your authority within your niche, and bring more warm leads into your business. A podcast is no different than any other content strategy you’ve used up to this point. It requires a reason why, ample thought, creativity, and a message that’s delivered with purpose to the right audience.

So you may be asking yourself, “What content should my brand podcast contain?” The only way to build a podcast that will not only engage your audience, but connect them deeper with your brand, is to feature content that will bring them back every time you publish something new. The object of your show is to develop long-term listeners that download all of your episodes, share those episodes with others, and become advocates for your brand on some meaningful level.

On Episode 97 of Pod Theory, I’m going to break down what content your brand podcast should focus on, as well as content that you should leave out. Having a clear, defined message, solving problems, and offering value to the point that your podcast could potentially close sales for you are just a few of the items covered in today’s lesson.

Episode 98: Pod Theory Condensed – 4 Simple Ways to Make Your Best Podcast

Welcome to the first installment of Pod Theory Condensed! In this quick lesson, I’m going to share four simple, easy-to-implement approaches to making your best podcast episode yet.

Every time you release a new show, you should strive to do better than the episodes before it. Constantly challenging yourself to improve will eliminate complacency from your practices and ensure your podcast never stops evolving.

Utilize today’s tips and make your podcast stand out in your niche.

Episode 99: Pros & Cons of Doing Podcast Seasons

Rolling out your podcast content in season format has its advantages and disadvantages. While you’re releasing a large bulk of content for your listeners to binge all at once, you also have to be cognizant of how you’re going to keep them engaged in your podcast (and your brand) once the season rollout buzz dies down. How will you market your content over an extended period of time? What takes place in between seasons?

In Episode 99 of Pod Theory, I’m going to share some pros and cons for doing podcast seasons. The season approach can be very successful if you execute it properly and create fun, innovative ways to stay connected to your audience between seasons.

This episode also features another installment of PodDeck Pandemonium! If you haven’t checked out PodDecks yet, you need to. AND, because you’re a loyal listener of Pod Theory, you can save 10% on your order of any physical PodDecks products at poddecks.com. Just use promo code ‘podtheory’ at checkout!

Episode 100: Pod Theory Q&A – Can a Podcast Fail By Trying Too Hard to Grow Too Quickly?

This is the first installment of Pod Theory Q&A! Once a week, I will answer questions from the Pod Theory audience live on the show. If you’d like to submit a question for me to cover on a future episode, you can contact me one of three ways:

TEXT: 412-965-8428
TWITTER: @jasoncercone
EMAIL: jason@jasoncercone.com

Today’s question, submitted by Jason C (not me, by the way) asks “Can a podcast fail by trying too hard to grow too quickly?” This is a great question to kick off this new weekly segment. Hit play now and discover my answer.

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