This Week On Pod Theory | Episodes 71-75

This Week On Pod Theory, I’ve got episodes focusing on the importance of backing up ALL of your content, what 2020 brought us in the world of podcasting, how to set your podcasting goals for 2021, some trends that are sure to attract a lot of attention throughout the year, and why 2021 will come to be known as ‘the year of the podcast.’ You can check out all of this week’s episodes below or subscribe to Pod Theory on your favorite podcast app. Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

Episode 71: Why It’s Important to Back Up ALL of Your Content

Losing all of your content is not something you believe will happen to you. Until it does. And when it does, believe me…it sucks!

I just recently experienced this as my website and email unexpectedly crashed and I lost years of work. Fortunately, SOME of my work was backed up and other pieces of content were recovered. But, for the most part, I’ve had to rebuild my website from the ground up.

On Episode 71, I’m going to share something that SHOULD be a no-brainer for us all, but, as I recently proved, it’s something that can be overlooked…and that’s backing up your content. Hold on tight as you’ll hear my story from Christmas 2020 when, in what I see as one of the most 2020 things that could happen, I lost a sizeable chunk of my content. I’ll also share why you should back up all of your podcast content in case something similar were to ever happen to you in the future.

Episode 72: 5 Things 2020 Taught Us About Podcasting

2020 was an unprecedented year. 2020 was a dumpster fire. 2020 was so unpredictable. 2020 brought us a ‘new normal.’ And so on. And so on.

We’ve heard all the cliches and, yes, I probably dropped a couple of them on this episode. But despite the fact that 2020 was something none of us ever expected or could’ve possibly prepared for, it was still a year. It still happened. For better or for worse. And for all of us in the podcasting world, 2020 brought us some unexpected positives.

In Episode 72 of Pod Theory, I’m going to take a look back on 2020 and share five things those 365 days taught us about podcasting. From the rise of long-distance recording to the massive explosion of the platform overall, there are some silver linings you can grab on to.

2020 may have delivered a lot of things we never asked for. But it also brought us some podcast adaptations that will help us succeed in 2021 and beyond.

Episode 73: How to Plan Your 2021 Podcasting Goals

The turn of the calendar to a new year always brings about those exciting feelings of reflection, change, and action. Everyone gets all geared up to achieve their New Years Resolutions and, like clockwork, falls back into a familiar rut by February and never really makes any progress. It’s a story as old as time.

New Years Resolutions are garbage. People give up on them so quickly because they’re just words in the air. There’s no commitment to actively changing their habits, therefore progress is derailed before it ever has a chance to begin.

Don’t let that happen to you. With your personal AND your podcasting goals for this year, make sure you’re doing your part to set realistic, achievable goals and, most importantly, taking all the steps necessary to see them through to completion.

In Episode 73 of Pod Theory, I’m going to share a very simple template for helping you set goals for your podcast in the new year. This plan will help you apply thought, meaning, and clarity to what you want to achieve with your show, as well as help you develop the action steps necessary to make it all come together.

Episode 74: 6 Podcasting Trends to Watch For In 2021

With 2021 underway, we are already seeing a number of things unfolding that are sure to impact the landscape of the podcasting space. Amazon purchasing Wondery, a reported 1.7 million active podcasts and counting, more advertisers hopping on the podcast bandwagon. And that’s merely scratching the surface.

What does 2021 hold for podcasting? Let’s just say it’s going to be a busy year.

In Episode 74 of Pod Theory, I’m going to analyze six podcasting trends that are certain to garner a lot of ink this year, some of which could plot the course for the medium for years to come.

Episode 75: Why 2021 Will Be ‘The Year of the Podcast’

With the incredible growth podcasting saw in 2020, it’s hard to envision 2021 delivering an encore performance.

Or is it?

A lot may have happened last year, but podcasting in 2021 has confidently said ‘Hold my beer.’ Will we hit 3 million active podcasts? Can we exceed 120 million monthly podcast listeners? How many brands will start using podcasting as its primary content strategy? Will a new platform unseat Apple for podcasting supremacy?

All this and more will be answered in the upcoming months, which leads me to believe that 2021 will be a year where the spotlight shines even brighter on this medium, thus making it ‘The Year of the Podcast.’ In Episode 75 of Pod Theory, I’m going to break down some reasons why, as well as emphasize, once again, the importance of taking action and getting your podcast into gear TODAY!

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