You Need These Social Media Tips If You’re a Solopreneur

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Episode 158 Quick Summary

In Episode 158 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with the Social Media Sherpa herself, Shaily Hakimian. Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover the impact social media has on the growth of your brand in today’s digital climate, how to leverage the right content to connect with the right people, the continued evolution of social media and what’s in store for the future, and the best ways to handle social media management responsibilities if you’re operating as a solopreneur.

The Goods From Shaily Hakimian

Top 3 Takeaways From Part 1 Of This Conversation

  • One of the best ways to gauge success on social media is not through hearts, likes, retweets, etc with complete strangers, but rather how your loyal community interacts and engages with your content. If they’ve been part of your efforts for years, there’s a higher likelihood they’ll see your content and, as long as it’s quality, they’ll do their part to engage with it and propel your efforts forward
  • If you produce a piece of content that gets solid engagement, DOUBLE DOWN on creating content in the same vain. Don’t try to do something new when your audience is telling you THIS is the kind of content they get value from
  • When it comes to your overall social media approach, 1) put your attention on one network where your target audience is playing AND you enjoy creating content, master it, THEN focus on bringing another network into your fold, and 2) make every effort you can to get your social media audience on to your email list so you don’t run the risk of losing them if algorithms change

What You’ll Discover In Episode 158 of Evolution of Brand

  • Shaily shares how her brand (and her personal brand) has evolved over the years
  • How to stay relevant in today’s crowded social media climate
  • A great tip for determining success regarding your social media reach
  • What is the “TikTok-ification” of social media and what does it mean for your approach to leveraging social platforms?
  • The importance of hooks and why they’re better than using someone’s name
  • The biggest evolution in social media in the last five years and where brands are missing the mark with their efforts
  • Building content that gets engagement, then doubling down on that content versus trying something different
  • How to maximize your time on LinkedIn
  • What you should be focused on when it comes to content creation and posting
  • A great tip for social media and SEO impact
  • How to handle social media management when you’re a solopreneur
  • The impact of positive reinforcement on social media
  • Jason and Shaily share some poker stories

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