The Undeniable Power of Why In Effective Communication with Jem Fuller | Evolution of Brand EP119

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Episode 119 Quick Summary

In Episode 119 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with Conscious Communications Coach Jem Fuller for a powerful conversation about effective communication. Throughout this discussion, you’ll discover the divisiveness we see in today’s world and how it disrupts communication and problem solving, communication strategies straight from Jem’s book, The Art of Conscious Communication For Thoughtful Men, and the reason it’s important to understand WHY when approaching any scenario where strong communication needs to be front and center. Jem and Jason also discuss their contributions to the best-selling PodMatch Guest Mastery book, available now on Amazon.

The Goods From Jem Fuller

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • No matter what your intentions and your beliefs are, we are all human and all bleed exactly the same. We have so much divisiveness in the world today, we each need to do our individual part to bridge gaps and allow people to fight for what they believe in in a respectful way, hoping that behavior reciprocates 
  • Understanding why you’re approaching any scenario will provide clarity and boost communication with those you’re interacting with. If you don’t understand why communication is taking place, it’s nearly impossible to push forward towards resolution, compromise, etc.
  • Positioning yourself as a value-driven podcast guest is the most powerful way to not only build your brand, but build your network. The relationships that spark from making new connections and working collaboratively to create impactful content can lead to friendships, partnerships, referrals, future collaborations, and much more

What You’ll Discover In Episode 119 of Evolution of Brand

  • A look at Jem’s brand evolution over the years
  • Some of the lessons Jem learned in his world travels that he’s applied to everything he does today
  • A look at the divisiveness we are experiencing in today’s world and how it’s impacting communication, problem solving, and harmony among humankind
  • How social media is designed to keep your attention locked on their platforms and use negativity as a driver to do so
  • When Jem realized the importance of effective communication in his personal and professional life
  • A sneak peek at some of the strategies Jem shares in his book, The Art of Conscious Communication For Thoughtful Men
  • The importance of understanding WHY when faced with any scenario that calls for strong, effective communication
  • Why hiding vulnerability and lacking authenticity can derail trust
  • A look at what it’s like to work with Jem in group and one-on-one environments
  • Discussion about PodMatch Guest Mastery and how Jem has built his brand and promoted his book as a podcast guest
  • How podcast guesting enhances your network and creates new long-lasting, lucrative relationships

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