Real, Authentic Personal Brand Discovery with Tristan Thibodeau | Evolution of Brand EP002

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Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Your personal brand is the foundation for anything you want to do in the professional world
  • There is more strength and value in your personal story and how it can be applied to your business goals than any other tool, strategy or initiative you attempt to implement
  • No one else in the world has your personal story. When you apply that story to all that you do, the way you communicate, connect, and resonate with others will be done to a degree that literally no one can duplicate

Show Notes

1:24 – A moment in Tristan’s life where she listened to herself instead of what others told her was right and it led to a major accomplishment

4:34 – Develop a strong personal brand and let it be the guiding force when it comes changes, pivots, and adaptations
     – When you establish yourself as a leader with a strong set of values and beliefs, independent of any business, your personal brand will carry you because people trust your convictions
Brand is the foundation of any pivots or changes you wish to make

7:29 – Striking balance between being a “jack of all trades” and staying in your lane
     – When you possess the abilities of a jack of all trades and a generalist, how you serve your clients is very different than how a specialist would serve their clients
     – You have a bird’s eye view, but can also zoom in and get very specific to exact needs
     – Follow where your gut feelings are leading you. When you see opportunity, let forces guiding you towards or away from those opportunities work their magic!
     – What type of influence and impact do you want to have?

12:24 – When you apply your life experiences to your expertise, there is nobody in the world who has had the exact same experiences as you!
     – Person A and Person B may have the exact same expertise. But if they apply their life experience, they’re going to teach that expertise from a completely different perspective and attract a completely different audience
     – When you apply this philosophy, there is no competition!

14:57 – Get comfortable with the ever-present question that struggles may make you rethink the direction you’re taking. Understand it doesn’t mean you’re a failure if this thought crosses your mind

17:38 – Why do so many people believe entrepreneurship is so hard? Because there isn’t a set of rules to educate you how to play and win the game

18:24 – Where are companies falling short in brand development?
     – Not enough connection to a vision that you’d fight tooth and nail for
     – People need to know WHY you do what you do and it needs to be powerful for all parties. That power is what truly makes someone buy in and become an advocate for a brand
     – When you have advocates and build that loyalty, the sky is the limit for your brand!

21:59 – Knowing when to be authentic and to be transparent and understanding the difference between the two
     – Transparency is having no filter; any feeling you have, it gets communicated
     – Authenticity is anchored in the commitment of who you choose yourself to be
     – If you put chaos into the world, you’ll get chaos in return!

26:40“Whether you like it or not, who you are as a person is going to come through in your brand.”
How are you presenting yourself to the world and is it sustainable?

     – If you present yourself as an “over-the-top, bouncing-off-the-walls” character, but that’s really not you, you cannot sustain that energy when dealing with client. This will create issues from a reliability standpoint, as well as an identity crisis standpoint if you are actually something completely different
     – Building a strong personal brand requires a firm belief and understanding of who you are

30:29 – What kind of role has the “glitz and glamour” of social media content played in how someone presents themselves to the world in an effort to grow their brand?

33:31 – Key factors that Tristan emphasizes when helping others develop their brand’s mission and message
     – Unpack your life story from A to Z. Everything you need to build your brand is embedded in your story
Values and beliefs can be discovered by taking that deep dive

     – Discovering what already exists in the inner narrative can lead to much more depth and confidence in building your brand
     – In order to make pivots when needed, list out every aspect of why you want/need to make this adjustment. Continuously evaluate and sit with that list over a period of time to ensure you’re pivoting in the right direction

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