Steal These Tips to Be a Badass Leader, Human, and Brand with David Wood | Evolution of Brand EP121

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Episode 121 Quick Summary

In Episode 121 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with author, actor, entertainer, and coach David Wood for a powerful conversation about naming the mice in your life. Not sure what that means? Stay with us and the answer will become clear! Throughout this discussion, you’ll discover lessons David teaches in his book “The Mouse In The Room – Because The Elephant Isn’t Alone,” How to become a badass leader and human that more people want to be around, what exactly mouse naming is and why you need to care about it, and the positive results that come from having the most difficult, awkward conversations with people you have friction with.

The Goods From David Wood

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • The most difficult, awkward conversations are usually the ones you absolutely need to have. Once you do, you lift an enormous burden off yourself, whether you get the final result you’re hoping for or not.
  • “Mouse naming” is something you need to care about because every unnamed mouse leads to more disconnection. If you’re not identifying the issues you’re having with someone, or the issues they’re having with you, and putting yourself in a position to have a conversation that will hopefully eradicate the issues, you’re only going to put more distance between you and others, thus damaging relationships and intensifying the burden you’re carrying
  • As humans, we tend to gravitate to self-isolation and shying away from solving problems that require a difficult conversation because, in most cases really aren’t positive of what’s really happening and we were never told/trained how to handle those types of situations when we younger

What You’ll Discover In Episode 121 of Evolution of Brand

  • David shares how his brand has evolved and events that shaped his life
  • The importance of being a lifelong student no matter what direction you’re taking with your brand
  • An inside look at “The Mouse In The Room” and why this book is the quintessential guide to being a badass human and leader
  • What is “mouse naming” and why you need to care about it
  • Why the most difficult conversations can lead to positive results…sometimes when you don’t even expect it
  • The 3D method found in David’s book that will serve as a roadmap to having these difficult conversation
  • Why do humans gravitate towards self-isolation and not finding resolution to the serious issues?
  • What are “appreciation mice” and why are we not trained on why they’re important in life?
  • Why you should check out David’s coaching program

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