How Does Data Literacy Impact Your Brand with Kevin Hanegan

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Episode 157 Quick Summary

In Episode 157 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with Chief Learning Officer Kevin Hanegan. Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover the definition behind data literacy and the role it plays in your brand development, tips for understanding the data available to you within your brand, the best way to analyze that data and put it to effective use in all your personal and business brand-building efforts, and how to recognize signs of burnout and strategies to help you avoid it.

The Goods From Kevin Hanegan

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Learning as a child is a much different experience than learning as an adult because children haven’t developed any frames of reference. There’s a lot of wonder and so many things are new. As an adult, not only do you have certain tendencies and frames of reference, but you also develop certain habits and those habits can be incredibly difficult to break, even if you know you want to change course and lean into something new
  • Data is everywhere. Everything you look at is data. Planning a trip, considering a major purchase and doing research, watching the news…all of these entities are putting data in front of you. It’s not just numbers and spreadsheets…it’s evidence and information and data literacy is the ability to fully understand what the data is telling you so you can make a decision
  • When it comes to data literacy, QUESTION EVERYTHING (politely). Asking questions will lead to learning more about how data and information is compiled and, therefore, lead to more well-informed decisions and a stronger understanding of the data itself

What You’ll Discover In Episode 157 of Evolution of Brand

  • Kevin shares how he and his brand has evolved over the years
  • Major differences and parallels between learning as a child versus learning as an adult
  • The enormous task of changing a habit that’s been built over the course of a lifetime
  • The backwards bicycle experiment Kevin shares – watch here
  • What is data literacy and why is it much more than just reading charts?
  • How to look at data in a logical way so it helps you grow your personal and professional brand
  • How marketing impacts data and vice versa
  • The subjective nature of advertisements and data 
  • How to utilize data literacy and put it to work in your brand building efforts
  • Signs of oncoming burnout and how to avoid a complete meltdown
  • How much stimuli you see throughout the day
  • The first step to take if you feel burnout creeping up on you




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