Get Obsessed With Your Customers, Worry Less About Your Competition with John Rossman | Evolution of Brand EP093

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The Goods From John Rossman

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Getting obsessed with your customers and creating an experience that resonates, impacts, and drives loyalty will serve you much, much more than being obsessed with your competition and always trying to stay one step ahead of them. Focus on you and the value you bring to the table and you’ll experience bigger gains and much less stress
  • It can turn out to be a major mistake for a brand to go big before they’re ready to make that move. Be sure you have your infrastructure on point and a customer experience that allows you to scale successfully
  • Brands emphasizing digital transformation and the experiences said transformations create are gaining traction in today’s tech-driven world. Don’t fall behind in this area because it will be increasingly difficult to catch up as technology continues to evolve

What You’ll Learn In Episode 093 of Evolution of Brand

  • Some of the principles John learned at Amazon and how he used his experience to become an author and start his own company, Rossman Partners
  • Why your unique spin will resonate with the right people, regardless of what your competitors are doing and saying
  • Leadership principles at Amazon and how they continue to scale, innovate, and remain one of the most relevant and well-known companies in the world
  • How Amazon transformed itself from being an online bookseller to the multi-faceted juggernaut they are today
  • Why innovation can be fragile within specific enterprises
  • Why it can be a mistake for a brand to go big too early 
  • What is customer obsession and why is it the first of 16 leadership principles at Amazon?
  • Why don’t all companies have a customer obsession mindset?
  • What you’ll learn when you read John’s book, The Amazon Way
  • What is the definition of digital transformation and why is it such a critical element of brand-building strategies used today?

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