3 Bulletproof Ways to Speak With Confidence As a Solo Podcaster

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How Important Is It to Speak With Confidence?
First Things First: It Doesn’t Happen Overnight
Build Content Around Your Zone of Genius
Don’t Script Out Your Entire Episode
Tell Stories

In Episode 003 of Solo Podcasting Simplified, Jason Cercone shares 3 proven ways you can elevate your confidence as a solo podcaster and deliver your message with purpose, clarity, and conviction.

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How Important Is It to Speak With Confidence?


Confidence is everything!

Think about it…

When’s the last time you bought something off someone who didn’t have the confidence to fully explain what you were investing in?

When’s the last time you were persuaded by a public speaker who had no confidence in their ability to deliver their message?

When’s the last time you believed your kid when they told you with a shaky, unconfident voice they didn’t eat the rest of the cookies when you weren’t looking?

When you speak with confidence and project your message with power, it draws people in and keeps them engaged in what you have to say.

The solo podcast stage presents a phenomenal platform for telling stories, sharing insight, and moving people who resonate with your message closer to the transformation they seek.

But if you fail to speak with confidence and get them fully invested in your philosophies, it’s going to be extremely difficult to gain traction and establish yourself as a go-to resource in your niche.

Episode 003 of Solo Podcasting Simplified is all about gaining confidence in your content delivery and channeling that confidence to connect with your ideal listener in an undeniable way. I’ll be sharing three bulletproof ways to speak with confidence and get the absolute most from each solo podcast episode you produce.

First Things First: It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

In order to speak with confidence, you need to be completely aligned with your message.Think of any skill you’ve acquired in your life. 

Did you gain that mastery overnight?

Of course not. 

You discovered something you wanted to excel at. You committed to getting really good at it and you pushed through every failure, shortcoming, downfall, and setback you faced until you experienced a breakthrough.

That’s how transformations take place. 

And you’ve been doing it since you were a baby.

Neither you nor I came into this world with the ability to walk.

But once we discovered it was a sensible means of conveyance that all those big people around us were doing, we started pulling ourselves up and seeing what we could do.

And we fell. A lot.

But we kept getting back up and taking small steps until we could take bigger steps. 

Before we knew it, we were running around and no one could contain us!

In a world where “gurus” and “experts” will hit you with ads and reels on how to do things quicker, it’s important to remember that fundamental skills will serve your efforts more effectively than shortcuts.

When it comes to speaking with confidence as a solo podcaster, it’s important to understand you won’t be at peak performance level your very first recording.

Your first recording is the baseline. Consider it your first step as a toddler.

You may experience some gains, but you’ll trip and fall a few times as well.

And you’ll ultimately find ways you can improve your delivery to bring more confidence to the table on future recordings.

The more you record solo, the more you’ll speak with confidence, with power, and with conviction.

That said, to aid you in your quest, here are three bulletproof strategies I believe will help any solo podcaster in any niche deliver their message with the utmost of confidence…

Build Content Around Your Zone of Genius

You’ve built your brand around a particular message that you know will change the world when said message gets amplified, right?

More than likely, you could talk about all the criteria directly related, adjacent, parallel, and perpendicular to your brand, your business, and your industry until you were blue in the face, right?

THAT’S what you build your podcast content around.

When you focus on your zone of genius, you tap in to years and years of accumulated knowledge that will provide extensive content ideas that you can speak on with unwavering confidence.

Too often, aspiring podcasters want to stray beyond their zone of genius and cover other topics in an effort to appear more worldly.

Don’t fall into that trap!

Stick to what you know and what you know well. 

This will help you stay committed to building your podcast, it will give you ample ideas for future episodes, and it will allow you to expand your knowledge base as you build your content, thus positioning you as a valued thought leader and resource in your niche.

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Don’t Script Out Your Entire Episode

Undoubtedly, there are narrators on Audible who can read dialogue in a way that sucks you in. This is an incredible talent that only a handful of people possess.

When you read something word-for-word on a podcast, it comes off as just that: something that’s being read word-for-word.

To prove my point, find a podcast you listen to regularly where the host reads the full bio of their guest to start off the show. It stands out in a big way and, in most cases, makes the host sound less natural.

The last thing you want a listener to experience when they discover your podcast is an unnatural host that lacks confidence and conviction.

So, make it easy on yourself: don’t script out every single word you want to say.

In addition to sounding unnatural, writing out a word-for-word script is incredibly time-consuming.

Instead of a full-blown script, create a list of bullet points for the important topics you want to cover.

You can also create sub-bullets for each talking point as well.

Remember, if you also adhere to the first tip I explained, you’ll be tapping into your zone of genius with your content. This means you should be able to expand on all of your bullet points in a profound manner.

You may not realize it, but you have more to say inside your head than you ever will if you attempt to draw up a script.

Let the ideas flow naturally and your content will overflow with confidence!

To speak with confidence, tell great stories! Stories make podcast content better and will give your listeners positive reasons to get invested in your content, as well as you and your brand.Tell Stories

As humans, we love stories.

We are conditioned to love stories from the earliest of ages and that affection grows as we get older.

We consume stories in a number of different capacities and each of them plays a role in our lives, be it slight or significant.

If you want to speak with confidence as a solo podcaster, tell great stories!

The podcast medium is the world’s best stage for storytelling. As you bring your brand story to life on the podcast waves, the right people will resonate with that story.

When they do, they’ll build trust and become more emotionally invested in the content you present to them.

This, in turn, fuels strength and longevity in your podcast, as well as your brand as a whole.

Stories are impactful because they showcase your brand from a human perspective.

Plus, if you’re comfortable telling your story, the more you’ll be able to speak with confidence as you tell it to your listeners.

If you think about the content you consume the most (podcasts, videos, TV, books, you name it), the common denominator that makes them stand out to you is their ability to tell a good story that draws you in and makes you feel a specific way.

Storytelling is where it’s at. And when you infuse good stories into your podcast content, you give listeners reasons to get invested in your show and, more importantly, in you.

Speaking with confidence on your solo podcast recordings doesn’t need to be complicated. When you infuse these three tips into your practices and understand that skills are cultivated through repetition, you’ll see a marked difference in your delivery. 

As you become more comfortable on the mic, delivering your message with confidence and clarity will become second nature.

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