Podcast Therapy: The Truth About Consistency In Podcasting Revealed

The truth about consistency in podcasting is revealed in Episode 011 of Solo Podcasting Simplified!

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Why Is Consistency So Vital to Successful Podcasting?
How to Be Consistent Without Burning Yourself Out

In the latest installment of Podcast Therapy on Solo Podcasting Simplified, Jason Cercone reveals what it really means to be consistent with your podcast content and why it DOESN’T mean overextending and burning yourself out.

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Consistency in podcasting requires a solid foundational plan, clear boundaries and expectations, and sound communication with your audience.

Why Is Consistency So Vital to Successful Podcasting?

It’s hard to get results in any endeavor you wish to conquer without consistent effort and execution.

Going back to the earliest days of your life, learning to walk wasn’t something that just happened overnight.

You pulled yourself up, you took a step, you fell, and you repeated this process until that fateful day where everything clicked.

Then, you were off to the races.

You were committed to walking like all those big people surrounding you and, through consistent effort and sheer will, you made it happen.

As you’ve gotten better with age, any skill you’ve acquired also demanded you consistently get a little bit better each time you suited up.

Podcasting is no different. The more consistent you are with content creation, actively communicating with listeners, and having compelling, captivating conversations with guests (when and if you feature guests), the more well-rounded podcaster you’ll become.

You’ll also develop and hone skills that transfer to other aspects of your life, including but not limited to how you communicate with friends, colleagues, clients, and loved ones, and how you present your message on stage, on conference calls, and in virtual and in-person meetings.

But consistency in podcasting doesn’t just refer to a commitment to mastering your craft.

Consistency is also about being there for your audience when you say you’ll be. 

When you bring new content to your audience on a consistent basis, they will not only get more invested in the content you produce, but they’ll begin working this content into their routine.

For example, if you publish new episodes every Thursday, a loyal listener will use their time at the gym or on their morning commute to consume your latest release.

They expect it. And when it’s not there, they will find something else to fill the void.

When that happens, you run the risk of losing that listener and it may be hard to get them back simply because they only have so many hours a week to dedicate to podcast consumption.

Maintaining consistency will keep listeners in place and continue to establish a high level of trust with each of them.

But it’s also important to understand that consistency in podcasting does not mean you need to overextend yourself and let burnout creep into the equation.

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To be consistent in podcasting, it's important to understand you don't need to burn yourself out to make everything come together.

How to Be Consistent Without Burning Yourself Out

If you try to do too much just to stay consistent, you’ll burn out. And depending on the severity of that burnout, it may be difficult to recover and get things back on track.

Hence the number of inactive podcasts in existence today.

But if you set realistic expectations and manage your output appropriately, you can deliver high-quality, game-changing podcast content to your listeners on a consistent basis without burning yourself out.

Let’s talk about how.

Build a Solid Foundation

The best way to keep burnout from rearing its ugly head is to lay a solid foundation for all your podcast efforts to grow.

Don’t set overly ambitious goals like releasing a daily episode when you know you don’t have that kind of time on your schedule.

You may be able to keep the consistency high in the beginning. But believe me, it’s only a matter of time before your schedule catches up to you.

Be realistic about the time you have to dedicate to your production each week and create content that fits within those parameters.

Start Small and Expand When It Makes Sense

Start with 1-2 episodes per week and grow your audience base. As your podcast gains momentum, it will make sense to add more episodes to your weekly release calendar (if you can manage the additional content creation) because listeners have proven they’re invested in what you have to say.

If you start from an unmanageable position, it can lead to burnout and, even worse, lead you to hating podcasting and/or your brand message altogether.

Communicate With Your Listeners

There’s a big difference between taking a well-deserved break from your podcast and leaving your listeners hanging.

Unfortunately, there are too many podcasts whose last episode finishes with something to the tune of, “Thanks for listening, we’ll talk to you again next week!”

Then, nothing.


If you feel like you’re getting to a point where you need to take a step away from your podcast production to recharge and focus on other responsibilities in your life, that’s OK.

All you need to do is communicate with your listeners and keep them in the loop.

If you’re planning to take a break, end your final episode with an explanation as to why.

“I hope you enjoyed today’s episode. This will be the last new episode of the show for [INSERT TIMEFRAME]. I’m looking forward to rejoining you with fresh episodes in the near future. But for now, use this time to jump back in the archives and catch up on episodes you may have missed!”

In addition, post in your show notes you’ll be taking a break so any new listeners that find your podcast know you haven’t podfaded, you’re just on a break.

It’s that easy.

If you set the table for a break, your audience will thank you and understand you have other priorities to attend to.

VERSUS completely abandoning them when they’ve made your podcast part of their weekly routine. Tossing that kind of trust aside is not good for business.

Consistency in podcasting isn’t complicated.

1️⃣Build a solid foundation to grow
2️⃣Develop a manageable content creation and release schedule
3️⃣Respect your audience and communicate anything that may impact their consumption habits

Adhere to these three steps and your consistency will be…consistent. 🙂

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