How to Make Adversity Your Greatest Asset with Beate Chelette | Evolution of Brand EP128

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Episode 128 Quick Summary

In Episode 128 of Evolution of Brand, Jason Cercone shares the mic with Growth Architect Beate Chelette for an in-depth conversation about establishing authority in your niche. In this discussion, you’ll learn the importance of having a blueprint and establishing a solid foundation to grow your efforts upon, effective tips and strategies for building authority in your space, whether or not the influencer model can deliver long-term results and impact, and how to tell your story with impact and transform adversity and failures into assets to support your growth.

The Goods From Beate Chelette

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  • Discover what’s preventing you from growing your business | Click Here 

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Authority status is NOT celebrity status. And that’s a good thing! The purpose of building your brand is not to achieve celebrity status. It’s to make money and help others gain transformation. When you focus on establishing authority for the right reasons, it becomes much easier to accomplish that. You need to be visible to the right people, and that’s what authority is all about!
  • Innovation and progress comes from those with a rebellious spirit…who are unruly and refuse to be “like the others”
  • The adversity you’ve faced is an authentic part of your personal history and can be the greatest asset you own when it comes to resonating with your target audience. Many people can relate to exactly what you’ve experienced, can draw inspiration from your plight, and will invest in you to help them find a similar transformation

What You’ll Discover In Episode 128 of Evolution of Brand

  • Beate shares how her brand has evolved and how she’s come to be known as a Growth Architect
  • Why authority status is NOT celebrity status…and why that’s a good thing
  • What it means to “crawl inside” your client’s head
  • Why your messaging needs to stress who your product or service is for in a strong way, as well as who it’s NOT for
  • The reason you can’t make “custom tweaks” to service clients that don’t fit your ideal profile
  • The power of being rebellious and how it drives innovation
  • Where professionals miss the mark establishing their authority in their niche today
  • A look at the influencer model and when (and if) it can work for you and your brand
  • The difference between the desire to be liked vs. a business strategy
  • How to transform adversity into authority and assets that can drive your storytelling and overall brand positioning
  • The power of unleashing your authentic story and why you don’t need to tell the world EVERY element of that story if you choose not to
  • How to make the right point when you’re telling your story
  • The one message Beate wants you (and the world) to hear

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