Your Passions May Change…But Your Purpose Never Should with Genesis Amaris Kemp | Evolution of Brand EP089

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The Goods From Genesis Amaris Kemp

  • Connect with Genesis on her website to check out her book, podcast, radio show, and more | genesisamariskemp.net

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Companies that are making strides forward in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion space are ones who aren’t just making moves on paper, but doing their part to shift their culture and bring real community involvement to the forefront
  • Passion is something you can do as a hobby (if you choose) and not get paid for it (also if you choose). Purpose is something deeply rooted in your DNA that represents your Why
  • Passion + Purpose = Optimal Results 

Time-Stamped Show Notes

1:48 – A time Genesis listened to herself instead of what others told her was right and it led to a major accomplishment

4:05 – Genesis shares her story – her professional path, what she’s learned as her brand has evolved, and what keeps her motivated every day

11:55 – Are companies making genuine strides to improve their practices in the DEI space or are they doing it to “check off the boxes?”

17:16 – Genesis shares more about the role she’s playing in the DEI space with her book, podcast, and more

27:37 – What are the definitions of purpose and passion and why do both need to have so much importance in our pursuits?
     – Passion is something you can do as a hobby (if you choose) and not get paid for it
     – Purpose is something deeply rooted in your DNA. It’s your WHY
     – Passion + Purpose = Optimal Results
     – Understand the significance behind your purpose
     – Know the value of your purpose
     – Your passion is something you can learn over time, but your purpose is something that comes naturally

33:33 – How does Genesis recommend you maintain consistency when it comes to your purpose and continue pushing forward when things seem impossible?
     1. Always ensure you have holistic alignment – mind, body, and soul
     2. Understand when it’s time to reprogram your internal hardware
     3. Always remember your Why
     4. Find a mentor, coach, or someone you trust that will challenge you
     5. Always find new ways to acquire knowledge so you can continue to work on yourself – personal development, self-awareness, and always taking time to recharge

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