“You Don’t Have to Have the Sparkle to Make the Magic” with Helene Beck | Evolution of Brand EP082

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The Goods From Helene Beck

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Passion is a great asset, but it needs to be accompanied by clarity and focus in order to make the most significant impact in your space
  • Thanks to the efforts of passionate therapists, as well as mental health advocates doing their part through various forms of communication, the stigmas surrounding mental health are slowly being eradicated. It’s much easier and acceptable for people to seek the help they need today instead of keeping things bottled up
  • One of the best things about the podcast platform is you can develop your skill set while talking about the things you’re passionate about. As you collaborate with like-minded professionals in your space, you’ll get to share ideas and perspectives around the subjects you love while, at the same time, getting comfortable on the mic and finding your authentic voice

Show Notes

1:42 – A time when Helene listened to herself instead of what others told her was right and it led to a major accomplishment

2:58 – Let’s learn about Helene, her professional journey, and what inspired her to start her podcast Coming From The Heart

5:10 – How the stigmas behind mental health are starting to be eradicated and people seeking help when needed is becoming much more normalized

10:36 – Helene breaks down what goes into the making of an episode of Coming From The Heart

13:51 – Zeroing in on focus when it comes to producing a podcast, as well as managing expectations and growth
     – No matter what genre or niche you exist in or choose to create content for, you need to be consistent with your efforts in order to keep people coming back for more
     – There’s a lot that goes into making a podcast. But if you manage your expectations and plan properly, what you can accomplish is immeasurable!
     – Your podcast content needs to be clear and speak to a specific audience in order to resonate

19:35 – Even with focus and passion, there are inevitable struggles and obstacles that you’ll face. What has been the biggest struggle Helene has faced building and maintaining her podcast?

28:11 – Implementing a strategy that allows you to impact one person a day and to be happy with those results is much, much more manageable in ALL of your practices, both professionally and personally!

31:11 – Helene explains how she recruits guests for her podcasts, as well as her Instagram Live sessions
     – The overarching theme in recruitment and building an episode format is preparation
– Know who you’re collaborating with. Have questions prepared, but be willing to let an organic conversation break out

35:56 – In order to excel in the podcasting space, it’s important to focus on the fundamentals and to put in the practice swings that will make you great at your craft
     – There are technical aspects you want to focus on, but developing a solid skill set based on fundamentals will lead to better results and keep you invested in the podcast platform long-term
     – If you want to start a podcast, make the commitment immediately for a minimum of one year. Two years is even better!
     – One of the best things about the podcast platform is you can develop your skill set while talking about the things you’re passionate about

41:10 – Helene talks about integrating Instagram Live into her content strategy and shares ways you can do the same

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