How to Vet Ideas & Establish Your MVP with Jason Sherman | Evolution of Brand EP044

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The Goods From Jason Sherman

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • You will cost yourself a lot of time and add a high amount of frustration to your world if you don’t take time to vet your ideas and ensure there is a viable market for what you want to bring to life
  • No matter what your idea, product, service, app, book, or course may be…it will never take off unless you’re willing to put in the work. Paying for a “solution” that supposedly allows you to skip important steps in the process will set you up for long-term failure
  • Developing a Minimum Viable Product will give you a foundation on which to build your ideas and scale appropriately

Show Notes

1:55 – A time when Jason listened to himself instead of what others told him was right and it led to a major accomplishment

3:58 – Take a walk down Jason’s entrepreneurial path and discover how his brand has evolved and what he learned along the way

8:00 – In today’s world, we have so many tools at our disposal that can help us learn
     – Knowledge is at our fingertips and accessible just by asking (“Hey, Google” or “Alexa…”)
     – It’s also much easier to create something today versus just 15 years ago
     – The steps to get a product launched were much more intensive. Today, you can pre-sell a product on Kickstarter before it’s even created!

10:35 – How does Jason use his years of experience to help others, as well as himself, grow and evolve?
     – You learn a ton from your mistakes. This will tell you what to do, and what NOT to do, next time
     – Putting his knowledge into his book (Strap On Your Boots) allowed him to put his knowledge in anyone’s hands who was asking for it!
     – Jason also created a course to help entrepreneurs and professionals and the Strap On Your Boots book became a podcast
     – Jason believes many “guru” books are all about money, luck, and timing. His book contains more actionable strategies IF YOU’RE WILLING TO DO THE WORK

18:13 – Create courses and training programs that provide value, but aren’t so overloaded with info that a person can’t finish
     – Approximately 6% of courses that get purchased online actually get finished. Uuuugh.
     – Create something that’s valuable, actionable, and takes into consideration a person’s scheduled OUTSIDE of completing your course
     – A good program not only draws your attention, but gives you something actionable and something you can realistically do

20:21 – Where are entrepreneurs and business owners missing the mark when it comes to scaling their business?
     – Fear of failure
     – Not wanting to put in the work
     – Throwing money at something that will let you skip necessary steps
     – Inability to grab attention and enhance appeal
     – Not vetting ideas and discovering if a product/service/course actually has a substantial market

24:05 – Alpha (pre-beta) and Beta launches – why these phases are critical to your idea’s development
     – Get your product, service, app, etc. in front of a small amount of people. Let them break it! Then fix it. Let them break it again!
     – Fix the bugs and bring a better product to life
     – Before marketing, get everything in front of another small amount of people and let them test things out

29:05 – A major problem Jason has solved in the evolution of his brand that added value to his community

32:48 – How do you properly build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?
     – Your MVP is the foundation on which you build any idea
     – What is the most minimum amount of work you can do to show someone your idea?
     – Create mockups to share with others
     – Your MVP is “noodles on a plate with no sauce, no meat, no veggies.” Once you have your noodles, you can find out what others want on top of their noodles!
     – Start on a smaller scale and build up. Don’t invest a ton of time building something that may not be viable

38:43 – How do you present your idea to capital investors to get them into business with you?
     – Story must be compelling, engaging, and geared towards the investors in the room. A blanket presentation may not resonate from one investment group to the next
     – Don’t be afraid to make your presentation human, real, humorous, provocative, or any emotion that will invoke a response that leads to action
     – Tell a great story and keep people focused on you. Make it visual versus words so the attention remains on you as you present instead of just reading info from slides

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