Strategies For Hitting Peak Performance Through Diet, Training, & Mindset with Nate Palmer | Evolution of Brand EP022

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The Goods From Nate Palmer

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Utilizing time blocking and making unbreakable, non-negotiable appointments with yourself regarding your health, nutrition, and self-care will get you closer to who you want to be in a far more consistent way
  • We only have the bandwidth for a few hours of deep work each day. If you try to grind out 18-20 hours of work and cost yourself sleep, exercise, and proper nutrition because you believe “that’s the entrepreneurial way,” you will never operate at 100% and achieve levels of peak performance and success
  • There is no secret weapon when it comes to losing weight, achieving success, or reaching peak performance. Your outcomes are a product of small, incremental items done consistently over time. We are playing a game of inches. Be prepared to put in the work if you want to experience significant results

Show Notes

1:21 – A moment in Nate’s life when he listened to himself instead of what others told him was right and it led to a major accomplishment

2:47 – Discover Nate’s professional path and evolution and how he helps professionals improve their eating habits, which in turn helps their performance and all aspects of what they do

11:01 – The entrepreneurial roller coaster that puts work in front of self-care, as exemplified by my real life experience with health and weight loss
     – When I made a solid commitment to fitness, I lost 75 pounds because there was a gym located right next to my office. I had no excuse to not be there five days a week.
     – After I lost that job, I kept the momentum of consistent workouts going…for about a month
     – Once the work of building my business took over, I began to de-prioritize my health and five days a week at the gym dwindled to one, or none, causing major setbacks and a return to the weight I worked so hard to lose

12:30 – Why is fitness, nutrition, and overall self-care so overlooked in the entrepreneurial world?
     – Because entrepreneurs ALWAYS prioritize work first!
     – We may not always be training or working out, but we always eat. Every day. And typically, when you ask yourself, “What do I want to eat?” the answer is something not healthy (in Nate’s case, the answer is Cinnabon)
     – Instead, ask yourself “What is going to serve and fuel me? What’s the input I need for the output I’m looking for?” When you frame the question in this manner, the answer is completely different
     – Entrepreneurs are always about “hustle” and “grind.” They are responsible for 44% of the jobs in the US, but have a hard time connecting health and fitness to a measurable output in their business, which is the top priority (!!!) – read that again

16:16 – Why subscribing to 24/7/365 “hustle and grind” will inevitably lead to poor results and burnout
     – Nate shares a study from Sweden where subjects of the study had a 5-day work week comprised of 8-hour days replaced with a 4-day work week with 6-hour days. Moods, performance, and efficiency improved, and each worker got more accomplished in the four 6-hour days than they did in the five 8-hour days!
     – We are only capable of a few hours of deep work in a 24-hour day. So if you’re trying to burn the candle at both ends and grind at all times, you’re never truly giving 100%

18:38 – How important and valuable can time blocking be in your everyday life? If you’ve never read The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papazan, you need to do so immediately. Click here to learn more and pick up a copy. Also, listen to The One Thing Podcast hosted by Geoff Woods
     – Making unbreakable, non-negotiable appointments for the most important tasks in your life will lead to superior results…results that will undoubtedly be unattainable until you devote the proper amount of consistent attention to them
     – Don’t break promises to yourself! When you don’t follow through, the gap between who you are and who you want to be keeps growing
     – Honoring your word is one of the most effective training strategies in existence

25:17 – Developing the right habits when it comes to nutrition, fitness, self-care, and hitting peak performance
     – Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Breakfast is important because of insulin resistance, which means your body can’t handle sugar and carbohydrates effectively
     – High carb/high sugar foods spike blood sugar, it burns off quickly, and by mid-morning, you’re hungry again and your insulin is out of balance
     – Instead, have a high protein/high fat breakfast
     – If you want to have strong mental acuity, energy, and recall things faster, breakfast is extremely important
     – What are the best foods to have for breakfast? Protein shake, eggs with cheese and avocado, chicken thighs w/ almonds and hot sauce are a few of Nate’s suggestions
     – Move carbs and sugars to the PM portion of your day

31:20 – Why is the timing of the food you eat just as important as the food itself?

35:16 – Is there a “secret weapon” when it comes to fat loss?
     – It’s not about a “silver bullet” or one specific piece. It’s about a bunch of little pieces, all done consistently.
     – There is no secret weapon to losing weight, but there is a strategy to use…
     – How can fasting help you in your weight loss efforts?

38:21 – What are the differences between “training” and “exercise?”
     – Exercise “gets you sweaty” and can provide some great benefits, but they aren’t as superior as training
     – Training is anything that you can progress and see measurable improvements over time
     – If you did a bench press of 100 pounds and, in two months, you are benching 150 pounds, you can see marked progress and improvement. THAT’S training!
     – Seeing incremental improvements and progress over time is incredibly rewarding. It keeps us motivated, keeps us on point longer, and delivers better results

40:14 – How do you know if you need a detox from sugar?
      – Hunger pangs and tiredness at key points in the day
      – If insulin is higher than blood sugar, your body will send a signal to get blood sugar elevated
      – We have a sugar-eating bacteria in our gut. It will grow and become more verbose the more you feed it. The more sugar you feed it, the more it will send a signal to your brain to release the hunger hormone known as ghrelin

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