Effective LinkedIn Strategies Minus the DM Spamming with Daniel Alfon | Evolution of Brand EP074

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The Goods From Daniel Alfon

  • Connect with Daniel, find great LinkedIn resources, and much more | danielalfon.com 

Top 3 Takeaways From This Value-Packed Conversation

  • Experiencing success on LinkedIn starts with answering the following question: “What is my objective and can LinkedIn help me reach it?”
  • Instantly sliding into a new connection’s DMs and trying to sell them your products or services is completely ineffective and, quite bluntly, annoying as hell. Use LinkedIn to make meaningful connections with people AND look to mutual connections for an official introduction that can instantly add credibility to your effort
  • You don’t need to post new content on LinkedIn as often as you think. Evaluate your content to make sure it aligns with what your audience will respond to when you do plan to post, but don’t set arbitrary quotas for the amount of content you need to post

Show Notes

1:26 – A time when Daniel listened to himself instead of what others told him was right and it led to a major accomplishment

2:39 – Background on Daniel’s professional path and some lessons he’s learned along the way

3:50 – What types of changes that LinkedIn has made helped make entrepreneurs get more from their time on the platform?
     – Moving in the right direction with helping entrepreneurs and solopreneurs
     – The key question to ask is “What is my objective and can LinkedIn help me reach it?”

4:50 – What is LinkedIn and when did Daniel decide to place his emphasis on building his presence thru the LinkedIn network?

6:00 – Why are so many professionals misusing the LinkedIn platform?
     – Many don’t define what they want to use the platform for and just try to do what’s “popular”
     – Many professionals don’t proofread posts or fact check information they’re sharing, which can damage overall credibility
     – Treat your posts as something you’ll be proud of in your old age. This is a good rule of thumb for posting online as a whole, but in a professional environment like LinkedIn, this philosophy is even more amplified
     – Don’t get hung up on posting/sharing at a high frequency

11:55 – Compartmentalization of social media and maximizing what each platform can deliver
     – Don’t create an echo chamber where you share the exact same post on EVERY. PLATFORM. YOU. OWN.
     – You get more value by posting in the native format of each individual platform

13:15 – What does LinkedIn offer that networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter cannot replicate?
     – When you run a search for someone’s name, Google will rank LinkedIn profiles very high…even if you haven’t logged in for an extended period of time

14:58 – Is immediately going into sales mode after connecting with someone (which so many people do) an effective way to win on LinkedIn (SPOILER ALERT: It’s not) and what is a better way to proceed when making new connections on the platform?
     – The vanity metric is poisoning the mind of entrepreneurs! You need to focus on REAL-LIFE metrics (inquiries, traffic to website, downloading your app, etc)

26:19 – Why should users treat their LinkedIn profiles like a website and not a resume or CV?
     – Your profile should be able to convert your ideal reader
     – 3-question framework to create a profile that attracts and converts:
          1. Who would be your ideal reader on LinkedIn?
          2. What action would you like ideals readers to take?
          3. What is the best content to share for your ideal readers?
     – Your headline is the most important real estate on your profile
     – Educational content typically works best 
     – Like many other platforms, niching down your focus can help you connect with more professionals looking for specialists/experts in your space

34:04 – Should you put 100% focus on your personal profile versus your company page?
     – Focus on your profile when you’re an entrepreneur
     – Focus on your company page when you begin hiring and building your team

36:37 – When is the best time to share content on LinkedIn and how often should you post?
     – Less often than you think!
     – Ask what your audience wants to see and don’t try to set a quota of how often you post
     – You don’t need to create content for the sake of LinkedIn…you need to create content for the sake of your website
     – Spend time making comments on other people’s content. MEANINGFUL content, not just “🔥” or “great post!”

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